The cost of hosting an outdoor movie event vary between $1,100 – $3,000+ depending on a variety of factors. Screen size, and travel distance primary among them. Outside Cinema can provide you with accurate pricing for your event, just request a quote – they’re FREE!

Screen Size
The screen size plays a big role in the cost of your rental. Larger screens take more effort and more equipment to set up – which usually means extra staff.  We have screens for every occasion from 50 people to 200 cars for an Epic Drive-In.

Long Weekends and Holidays
Bookings scheduled for Holidays and Long Weekends are premium dates, and tend to be a little more than regular weekend bookings.

Is the Site Powered?
If there isn’t onsite power, we will have to bring a generator, which will affect our pricing.

Travel Distance
Distance is a factor; we enthusiastically service communities from Osoyoos to Kamloops, and we are centrally located in Kelowna, so generally speaking transportation costs are not too significant – but should be considered. If an overnight stay is required, we have an overnight rate.

Site Layout
Some sites are better suited to outdoor movies than others; if your site requires some serious work before we can set up (such as levelling ground, removing brush, etc) expect to have to pay a little extra.

While licensing isn’t really our domain, licensing fees are part of the overall cost of hosting an event. Consider the newness of your movie selection, whether you need a public viewing license, and whether you will charge admission all affect the final total.


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