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Larger than life mobile messaging! Inflatable billboards are a fun and proven way to add excitement and customer engagement at promotional events.

Bring the community together!

  • Fairs, Festivals, School and Churches
  • Community parks! Show a movie in the park.
  • Musicals – Show a musical that people could sing along to.
  • Pool Party – Show a video at the community pool
  • Community Fair – Use the giant screens at the local community fair
  • Concerts – Use the screens to show a playing band in front of a bigger crowd
  • Schools – PTA/PTO Fundraisers

Corporate Events
Corporate events are a great way to launch a new product, recognize an outstanding employee, client appreciation or at a trade show. Surprise your employees with an indoor or outdoor film at your next event. It would be a great way to build a sense of community among employees and increase loyalty to the company.

  • Create a slideshow that recognizes all of the hard work your top employees have done.
  • If you’re in a large auditorium, use a giant screen for those who can’t see the speaker as well from the back. Connecting on a visual level is just as important.
  • Client or Employee Appreciation / Trade Shows
  • Use a giant screen to display items during an auction. Depending on the arena, it may be difficult for people to adequately see the items they’re bidding on.
  • If you host an awards show, you could use the screen to show video clips from participants. For example, for an award show focused on ad agencies, each agency would have their featured reel shown on the big screen.
  • Video chat with employees in other parts of the country.
  • Challenge each department in the company to make a video
  • Client appreciation party! Host a movie night for your favorite customers. Invite them to even bring their families.
  • Rooftop movies! If your office has an available rooftop, utilize it to show a movie!

Drive-In Movies
Our high quality inflatable Airscreens are the perfect solution for your next Drive-In or production event. Ask how we can help you host one of these classic car events using FM Transmission.

Film Festivals
If film festivals are your thing, let us set up an unforgettable outdoor movie event; or we can stream a LIVE event! Major Hollywood studios and prestigous international film festivals trust our Airscreens and our experienced technicians. A great compliment to traditional indoor screenings.

Fundraising Events
Need funding for your school, hospital or sports team. Host a “Theatre in the Park” event and find sponsors to cover the cost of the movie event.
There are lots of Ideas to make your next fundraiser amazing!

  • Use a giant screen to show a live broadcast from other fundraising events across the globe.
  • Show a touching movie to a large audience. Nothing connects with an audience stronger than a good story.
  • Show a live feed of how much has been donated during the event and how close you are to the goal.
  • Use a giant screen to display items during an auction. Depending on the arena, it may be difficult for people to adequately see the items they’re bidding on.
  • Highlight some of the people the money being raised helps during a slide show for all to see.
  • Show a film that relates to your cause! You can take donations and find sponsors to more than cover any costs.

Have you ever wanted to play your favourite video game on a larger-than-life screen or do you want to host a video game event? Let us help you host the most amazing Video game tournaments on the BIG SCREEN!

  • How about the largest Mario Kart tournament in the world?
  • Worldwide video game challenge.
  • Launching a new video game? Host an event featuring the game.
  • Birthday parties! Giant video games at a birthday party are an unforgettable experience for kids.
  • Angry Birds. Do we need to say any more?
  • Streaming LIVE video of your game (Xbox or Playstation it doesn’t matter) to our Inflatable screen, allowing hundreds of viewers to get a front row seat to the action.


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