How much does it cost to do an outdoor movie?

From $700 to $3000+ (discount on 3 or more bookings) depending on a variety of factors. The primary factors are screen size and travel distance. Outside Cinema can provide you with accurate pricing for your event, simply request a quote – they’re FREE!

Do you offer residential or private events?
Yes. Our smaller residential packages can turn any backyard into a thrilling cinema under the stars. Or, watch playoffs or the World Cup! Also great for Sweet Sixteens, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family gatherings and Mitzvahs. For some extra fun, start it off with a slide show!

What size audiences can you accommodate?

From a small backyard gathering to over 2000.

What does licensing mean?

Movie licensing means paying for the rights to show copyrighted material, and is necessary for most public film screenings. No licensing is needed for backyard events.

What type of projectors do you use?
Our projectors are native 1920 x 1080 16:9 widescreen HD projectors with up to 6000 lumens. We do not use regular computer or XGA/WXGA projectors, whose lower resolution, low contrast ratio and poor colour accuracy can ruin the movie experience. With us it’s high-def from beginning to end, meaning what you see on our screens is exactly what you see at the movies.

What time can you start?
We can start the pre-show (if you have provided us with sponsors’ logos, community messages or other content) around sunset. The movie can usually start about 15 minutes later. Note that weather, can affect start times. 

What kind of movies can you show?
Just about any! A great resource is, which lists every movie ever made. Start by searching by genre.

Is it only for movies?

Not at all. We can display regular and HD TV, satellite and cable feeds, live camera feeds, video games, Pay-Per-View events like UFC, Twitter and Facebook feeds, etc. We can even show smartphone or tablet content.

Where do you provide your services?

We offer Outdoor movies anywhere in Western Canada but, our primarily servicing the Okanagan area. If you are outside the Okanagan area, it generally makes the most economic sense when 3 or more consecutive days are booked.

Can we advertise on your screen before the movie?
Not only can we, we encourage you to. Just bring your DVD, Blu-Ray, or computer with your video or PowerPoint presentation.

What about wind?

We use Airscreens, the world’s best outdoor screens. Unlike metal-framed screens, which are 
uninsurable for outdoor use as they present a serious hazard in windy conditions, Airscreens are safety-rated for up to 40 km/h winds.

Weather Policy?

Outside Cinema may cancel the screening of any movie if the weather appears to have the potential to cause harm to our equipment, staff or attendees. Examples of weather conditions that may cause a cancellation are: thunder/lightning, wind, cold, and rain. In most cases the weather related cancellation will simply be re-scheduled for a different day, depending on availability. Please note: if the event must be canceled after Outside Cinema has begun traveling to the venue, travel and labour fees still apply.

Can you do double features?

No problem. You bet. We can even offer an all-nighter!

How do I book a date?

Once we’ve established availability for your dates, we issue the event contract, which we ask you to sign and return with a 50% deposit. Your booking is then complete. Balance is due by event date for new accounts.

Do we have to sign a contract?
Yes, we do require that a contract be signed by all parties. This is to ensure that all parties are protected and everyone has a clear understanding of the expectations.  Our contracts are custom designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Is the deposit refundable if I need to cancel?

Yes, unlike some other providers, your deposit is fully refundable within 30 days of booking, unless otherwise stated.

Does Outside Cinema have insurance?
We carry a policy of insurance not less than two million dollars. This policy covers the operation of our equipment, our independent contractors plus general and product liability for the period of the event.

Your organization can request to be added as additional insured on our policy for a specific event date and location. Please give us 30 days notice if you wish to be listed on a Certificate of Insurance.

Will you sponsor or partner with us for our event?

We’re always interested in sponsorship and partnering opportunities. Give us a call and let’s chat.

How much work is involved in planning an outdoor movie event?
Most of your work is planning and promoting the event. Outside Cinema takes care of almost everything on the event day. You are free to relax and enjoy the movie with the audience.

What equipment is included?
1 Inflatable Movie Screen (widescreen)
1 Professional Outdoor Audio System (2 – 5 speakers)
1 High Definition DLP Digital Projector
DVD Players (standard or Blu-ray)
Microphone for announcements/sponsors
1 to 3 Event Technicians for set-up and media presentation

How much power do we need?
We supply power for events in remote locations. We will use standard outlets if they are available. Two dedicated 20 amp circuits may be necessary to power an outdoor movie event without using our generator.

What is the proposed event timeline?

Three hours before dusk – Technicians arrive and begin set-up
One hour before dusk – Screen is inflated / Audio system is tested
One hour before dusk – All ages appropriate music is playing
30 minutes before dusk – Optional pre-show entertainment begins
10 minutes before dusk – Announcements and host greeting
Dusk – Sponsor commercials and movie begins
10 minutes after completion of movie – Movie screen is deflated
One hour after completion of movie – Equipment is packed for departure

What about pre-show entertainment?
Some of our clients like to provide emcees that interact with the crowd before the movie starts. You are welcome to tap into our PA system to play trivia games or conduct audience interviews. Clients with larger budgets hire live bands, comedians or magicians to keep the crowd engaged. Most of our clients simply ask us to play family friendly music while the audience gets settled in.

Can you set up the screens on hard surfaces?

We often set up on asphalt or other hard surfaces where ground stakes can’t be used. In these 
cases we can tie to vehicles or to pre-existing structures (poles, railings, etc.), or use our weights, 
which provide up to 4000 kg of ballast. Extra fees may apply, and water is needed when using our 
water barrels.

Do the inflatable screens kill the grass?
No, the screens will not kill the grass. They are designed to equally distribute the weight over their large surface areas. Plus, the movie screens are only in contact with the grass for five or six hours.

How powerful is the sound system? Are there any noise concerns?
The sound system package depends on how many viewers are expected to attend the movie event. The larger the audience the more powerful the system required. If there are potential noise issues with your venue, we can minimize the sound level without compromising the quality of the show.

 For our events we use speakers placed on each side of the screen facing the audience. We will help you determine the ideal location for the screen and speakers to minimize the audio level that would descend on local neighborhoods or businesses.

What format will the movies be in?
We recommend that you request a wide screen format standard DVD or Blu Ray from the film licensing company. The size of the projected image will be maximized because all of our screens are wide screen (16:9 ratio).  We utilize up-scaling DVD and Blu Ray players as well as HD projectors to produce high definition movie events.

Venue considerations
Please ensure you have secured an appropriate space – we prefer to review the venue as soon as possible. It is common to host events on grass, or otherwise ‘soft’ grounds – this allows us to safely stabilize our screen by sinking four large anchors into the ground. Hard grounds, like parking lots, require alternate methods of securing the screen. If you cannot provide a soft venue, PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY, the fees required to rent, deliver and setup alternate anchors are not included in our rental fee. Lastly, we require vehicle access to the venue.

Outside Cinema reserves the right to cancel any event, (up to and including the day of), if there is risk to the safety of our staff, equipment, or attendees. There are NO cash refunds for canceled events, but we will arrange a second showing.