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Do something amazing for students! Whether you are at an Elementary School, High School, College or University Campus a cinema under the stars for “Welcome Week” is a must! Bring students, parents and faculty together again.

Ideas for students:

  • Drive-In Graduation Ceremony
  • Welcome Week! Warm students up to college life with a giant outdoor movie.
  • We’ve hosted many of these to students who love the events.
  • Indoor movies
  • Finals week movies
  • Raise awareness, perhaps for a blood drive or another cause
  • Host a video game tournament
  • Monday night football


  • We can host LIVE video feeds from concerts or sporting events on a GIANT SCREEN.
  • Sporting Events: Stanley Cup Playoffs, CFL, The World Series, NBA Finals,
  • World Cup, The Olympics, and so much more!
  • Season premier of finale of a TV show.
  • Watch a Hollywood award show on the big screen.
  • Broadcast election results.
    Stream a live concert

Other Events
Did you know that Outside Cinema is perfect for far more than just movie? Make your upcoming event an interactive night to remember with LIVE TV, sporting events and more!

  • Winery – Theme nights: Cinema & Champagne, Cinema & Couples, Dinner & a Movie or other
  • Halloween – Play your favorite scary movies on a big outdoor screen.
  • Birthday parties – Show a movie, play videos, or anything else you can dream up.
  • Product Promotion
  • Flash event – You’ve heard of flash mobs. How about a flash event in a busy place with a movie people would love?
  • Zombie Pub Crawls – Popular all across the nation now, use giant screens to showcase zombie themed movies.
  • Sporting Events – Superbowl, World Series, NBA Finals, etc.
  • Live concerts
  • Christmas movies – Elf, Home Alone, Christmas Carol, are just a few to choose from.
  • Political rallies – Use our inflatable screens for a political rally anywhere.
  • Churches – Host a special event for your congregation.
  • Grand openings of a store, restaurant, or night club to attract attention and get noticed by drive-by traffic with an inflatable movie screen.
  • Golf Cart or Bike-In Cinema
  • Block Party


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We bring friends, families and communities together through the magic of “Outside Cinema”! Our goal is to deliver a magical, seamless first class outdoor movie experience from conception to completion.